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Exatrol Corporation makes equipment to simplify data center management. The Exatrol Console Power Manager (CPM) combines power control, monitoring and overload protection with the functions of a terminal server.

Do you use console over IP to manage switches, firewalls, or routers? Do you need remote reboot capacity for all kinds of servers and equipment? The Exatrol CPM provides a clean solution for serial console combined with power management. Up to 30 A per circuit.

The CPM mounts vertically, occupying zero U of rack space. Consuming only 7 watts for its internal needs, a CPM can distribute, monitor, and control up to 22 kVA depending on available input power. All CPMs monitor incoming electric current. Full featured CPMs monitor all loads, outlet by outlet, on a per server basis.

Managing all types of rack hardware with a single platform can simplify data center operations. Serial console connections are not only low-cost, but come built in to most servers, firewalls, switches, and routers. When primary network connectivity is unavailable (e.g. during initial setup, re-configurations, upgrades, or other events) the CPM provides secondary connectivity for all equipment with an RS-232 terminal. The CPM translates serial terminal console sessions into an IP based service, accessible over ethernet. The CPM goes beyond the standard functions of terminal servers by including power control and electrical monitoring.

If you want a clean and competitive solution to power control, electrical load monitoring, and terminal services, please contact us for a bid.

Maximizing rack use is more predictable with an Exatrol CPM. The CPM gives power measurements not just of every circuit, but of each individual server. The brilliant blue LCD display makes finding available power easy.

If too many servers are plugged into a circuit, Exatrol's Proactive Overload Protection can take action before the upstream circuit breaker trips. The CPM detects the danger and can remove the overload condition quickly and automatically before the whole circuit goes down. Now firing up a server in a full rack poses less risk, leading to higher uptimes.

Multi-session console is simple with the Exatrol CPM. Several system admins can connect to a single port to observe the expertise of another, or work independently on different ports in the same rack at the same time. Having remote power control integrated with the terminal session helps to shorten downtime during maintenance and startup.

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  • LCD interfaces ship in all CPM products starting Q4 2009
  • The latest cpmd 0.5.3 and FreeBSD 7.0 ship on all of Exatrol's Console Power Managers
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